Our Strategy

We are dedicated to deliver value for our investors.

20+ years history of investing

Nic Humphries, Executive Chairman and Senior Partner at Hg, describes Hg’s investment strategy and focus on high quality and resilient businesses, providing critical software applications or workflow services for many thousands of businesses globally, supported by Hg’s deep knowledge and operational expertise within this sector.

Our strategy builds on these four pillars

Long-term horizon

We build and support sector-leading platforms that progress workplace automation and digitisation trends over future decades

Sharp sector focus

We have clarity and consistency of the types of businesses we buy and the vertical markets they serve, bringing with us earned IP and a network of people and capabilities

Infrastructure-like resilience

We only invest in mature and
profitable companies that provide critical services for many thousands
of businesses globally

Transatlantic strength

We’re building a leading transatlantic capability in software and services investment, anchored by a leading position in Europe

Benefits to investing in private markets

Superior long-term returns

Private equity has historically outperformed public markets, generating superior returns of around 14% globally over the past 25 years, compared to only 7% returns from the MSCI World Index.

Diversification boost

True diversification in public markets has become harder to achieve over time. The number of public companies has declined over recent decades and movement in indices like the S&P 500 is dominated by a handful of large tech companies only.

Access to untapped part of the economy

In addition to the declining number of publicly listed firms, software and services companies, are staying private for longer, meaning public investors are left closed off from large parts of the economy.