Fusion's Launch Portfolio: Spotlight on Mercury Investments

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By Hg

Hg is specializing in investing in companies that are providing business-critical services. These are mature and profitable companies, that you would not get access to through public markets.

Historically, to invest with Hg, meant to go through one of our traditional, closed-ended private equity funds. Typically, Hg’s private funds have a ten-year fund life, with a draw-down and distribution model that can be somewhat complex.

And typically, more suited to an institutional investor, such as a pension fund, rather than a private investor. And this is why we decided to launch Hg Fusion.

Through one single commitment upfront, Fusion gives access to Hg's private markets strategies, as well as to co-investments opportunities and to secondaries in early vintages of Hg funds, providing an extra element of diversification to the fund.

Our traditional private equity strategies are our funds Saturn, Genesis and Mercury and together, these cover upper-mid market, mid market and lower-mid market buyouts. And in addition, investors are gaining access to our junior credit strategy, Titan.

Regarding Fusion’s launch portfolio, Hg Mercury 4, our lower mid-market fund, constitutes a material share of Fusion’s day 1 exposure, with three investments made to date. To bring this alive for our launch investors, we wanted to share this video with you highlighting our excitement around the most recent Mercury 4 investments.

Get in touch with us to find out if Fusion suits your investment needs.

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